Covid-19 Update

The Super Draw Lotto deferred draws will commence on Tuesday 1st September, from which date there will be a draw made every day, except Sundays, until Wednesday 30th September, at which point we will have caught up - all the deferred draws will have been made.

The Super Draw Lotto draws on the 1st & 30th of September have been upgraded to Super Draw Lotto Mega Draws, whereby the First Prize has been increased from £2,000 to £5,000!

To help with administration there will be one slight difference to the Super Draw Lotto prize fund for the deferred draws - the fifty £10 prizes are being replaced with an additional two £250 prizes. Therefore the prize fund for the deferred draws will be:

  • 1 x £2,000 Prize
  • 4 x £250 Prizes

The usual weekly draw will resume on Saturday 3rd October, with the prize fund reverting to:

  • 1 x £2,000 Prize
  • 2 x £250 Prizes
  • 50 x £10 Prizes

If you participate in the Super Draw Lotto and pay by Bank Standing Order, Bank Direct Debit or recurring Debit Card, please continue making your regular payment as normal.

No one who has maintained their payments in this way will be disadvantaged and participants will be entered for all deferred draws.

Participants who pay by via a door to door collector, agent or in person at the office will be contacted over the next few weeks with a view to making all outstanding payments, ensuring entry to all the deferred draws as described above.

If you require any further information please ring 0114 253 7216 or 0114 253 7217 or email

Good luck in the draws!

Super Draw Lotto

By participating in the Super Draw Lotto you will not only be helping to raise vital additional income, but you will also be giving yourself an opportunity of winning some of the fantastic cash prizes on offer.

This is your opportunity for just £1 per week, or £2 if you wish to double your chances, to win a share of £200,000.

A minimum of 45% of the stake money shall be donated to the Pilgrims. The remainder goes to fund the prizes and the lottery's operating expenses.

If you win a prize, the prize will be posted automatically to your home address.

If you wish to cancel your participation of the Super Draw Lotto please contact the Promotions Department on 0114 253 7216 or 0114 253 7217.

The winning results are updated weekly and published to this site, just click 'Winners' in the menu bar.

For more information, or if you have any complaints or disputes regarding the Super Draw Lotto, please call 0114 253 7216 or 0114 253 7217, email or just click 'Social Responsibility' in the menu bar.

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