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Terms and Conditions

No person under the age of 16 may sell or participate in any Super Draw Lotto.

The price of any single entry in the Super Draw Lotto is £1.

A minimum of 20% of the stake money, and any proceeds after prizes and expenses have been deducted, shall be donated to the beneficiary of the Super Draw Lotto: the Sheffield United Football Club Academy, Firshill Crescent, Sheffield, S4 7DJ.

Any unclaimed prizes after 12 months will be donated in full to the Society.

All efforts will be made to contact winners of unclaimed prizes within the 12 month period.

The Super Draw Lotto draw takes place on a weekly basis and winners are selected by use of a mechanical random selection process.

In the unlikely event of a technical system failure preventing the draw taking place, then that draw will take place at the earliest opportunity.

Details of the winners will be publicised via this website and the local and social media, this in addition to our usual notification process.

The Super Draw Lotto is operated by the Sheffield United Supporters Association and is licensed with the Gambling Commission.

Operating License Number 000-005168-N-304881-007 & 000-005168-R-305678-007

Promoter M D Rooker

If you have any complaints or disputes regarding the Super Draw Lottery, please email or call 0114 253 7216 or 0114 253 7217.

If you require information about lotteries, please visit the Gambling Commission website at

Should anyone need help or advice about problem gambling please contact or who can provide free confidential advice.

Summary of Rules

Your reference number and your six exclusive numbers enter you in the Super Draw Lotto.

To enter any Super Draw Lotto the participant must have paid the appropriate entry fee direct to the Society or an accredited Agent of the Super Draw Lotto.

A results sheet is provided which contains information about the result of a Super Draw Lotto draw, or previous draws, giving details of the winning numbers and prize winners names and addresses where practicable.